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    The Best of Garage Construction Chicago & Garage Remodel Chicago by StanLee Garage Builders Chicago & Surrounding Suburbs

    StanLee Garage Builders Chicago is the top provider of the highest quality, trusted, and affordable company for garage construction in Chicago. For years we have achieved the highest level of great customer service for our customers. We have done that by making it common practice to walk our customers through every step of the process with clear communication, from choosing the best materials and planning for the project, to completing the garage construction in Chicago. We are here for everything from a new garage construction in Chicago and complete garage renovations, to garage repairs and door or roofing replacement. Our experienced team of garage contractors Chicago has incredible knowledge that we bring to any garage project. Because we understand that the cost of a garage construction can be difficult to save for, we make sure it’s done right by handling every detail of the entire project, including the required permits, demolition of any existing construction, concrete and carpentry work, as well as electrical installations and full clean-up. Whether you want the latest roof, gable, and reverse gable styles, or you just need help to decide on your various options, we make sure it’s a stress-free and efficient process. So call StanLee Garage Builders Chicago to work for you today. We look forward to speaking with you, guiding you through a wide range of possibilities, and to delivering the garage construction in Chicago that you need.

    Services of StanLee Garage Builders in Chicago

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    New Garage Construction Chicago

    Building a completely new garage construction from the ground up is work that you can’t do on your own. That’s why our garage contractors Chicago are here to provide expertise and guidance for everything from planning to the final nail.

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    Garage Remodel Chicago

    Getting a garage upgrade is an excellent investment for any homeowner. We can help you refurbish your garage to meet your every need.

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    Garage Doors Chicago

    Your garage doors are an important part of your garage remodel in Chicago. We can add an extra garage door or replace an old one quickly and efficiently while keeping you informed.

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    Garage Siding Chicago

    Garage siding can go through quite a bit to keep your building secure. That’s why at StanLee, we always use the best quality garage siding in Chicago, so we can ensure maximum durability to withstand the elements.

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    Garage Roof Chicago

    Roofing is essential for your garage construction in Chicago. We have roofing specialists on our team who can provide the best options for the strongest garage roof in Chicago.

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    Garage Construction Repairs Chicago

    Garage damage is not something to worry about when you have StanLee on your side. Our garage contractors in Chicago can fix it for you with great experience and skill to handle anything.

    Why Choose StanLee Garage Builders Chicago for Garage Construction Chicago & Garage Remodel Chicago

    Skilled Craftsmen

    To find the most talented and dedicated garage contractors in Chicago, look no further than StanLee. We provide high-quality installation and garage repairs every time.

    Professional Garage Contractors Chicago

    Our garage contractors Chicago are at the peak of professionalism. We handle every project with courtesy, promptness, and unmatched service from beginning to end.

    Service With a Smile

    Serving our customers appropriately is our top priority. We strive to give you a great experience by our exceptional team for your garage construction in Chicago.

    High-Quality Materials

    To stand behind the great work that our garage contractors in Chicago do, we always use the highest quality siding, roofing, and construction materials.

    Timely and Punctual Service

    When your garage is unusable, it can be a hassle. That’s why our garage contractors Chicago work hard to complete the project in a timely manner.

    Free, Accurate Estimates

    We begin every project with a free, detailed estimate so you understand what to expect and you can budget accordingly.

    The Garage Building Process by StanLee Garage Builders Chicago Area

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    Garage Construction Made to Last

    Garage construction Chicago is not as complicated or time-consuming as building an entire house, but you still have to follow a number of important guidelines to consider your project a success. High-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship are critical but before a single tool is lifted, there are other important steps to complete. The first point of action is planning. As blueprints are drafted, there are certain factors to consider, including the type of garage construction (attached or detached), the size you want, the number of vehicles you need room for, and additional features you want to include (extra storage, loft doubling as living space, etc.). When those details are worked out, you’re almost ready to begin your garage construction in Chicago. There is still one more thing to take care of, and that’s acquiring the relevant building permits. Unfortunately, whether it’s for a new construction or to replace an existing garage, you need permits. Only then, can you proceed to the next phase of the plan, which is preparing to pour the foundation. Many people find this part of the process to be costly and time-consuming, but in the end, a solid foundation is critical to a durable garage that can withstand just about anything.

    Simplified Garage Construction in Chicago

    When you get to the wall-building part of the process during a garage construction, you have options. Deciding on which option is better depends on your preference. The walls can be built directly on the newly poured foundation or they can be constructed on the ground and then lifted into place. At the same time, you need to frame the overhead door header and top plate. Once the walls are up, it’s time to install the outer sheathing. At this point, you can decide whether or not you want to keep your garage comfortable for frequent use with the appropriate insulation. Now it’s time for the garage roof construction and window installation if necessary. If you will be using automated garage doors, you will need to put the electrical components in place before the doors are installed. You can then prepare for the final inspection and your garage will be ready for you to enjoy. Garage roof repair Chicago to new garage contruction – we got you covered!

    Finances for Your New Garage Construction in Chicago are Easy to Save with Our Flexible Financing Options

    Garage rehab in Chicago, along with new garage construction projects can be financially draining for any homeowner. That’s why StanLee Garage Rehab Chicago makes it so much easier to achieve dream garage with financing options that suit your needs so you can remain comfortable with your expense.

    Get the Most from Your Garage with the Right Garage Contractors Chicago & the Financing to Match

    At StanLee Garage Builders Chicago, we believe that our customers are our priority. During our initial consultation, we’ll communicate everything you need to consider for your new garage construction. We will always be clear about the size, function, and any additional features you wish to include. Our expert garage contractors Chicago will provide you with a completely detailed and accurate quote so you understand exactly what to expect right from the start. There are no hidden costs or surprises once the project begins. At the same time, we will work with you to get the most flexible financing option that makes you feel comfortable about your garage construction. You will have a clear payment schedule at a very low interest rate that you can be confident with. Contact StanLee today to begin your garage construction experience with the greatest professional expertise in the Chicago area, along with the ideal financing option for you.

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    Some of Our Recent Projects for Chicago Garage Construction & Garage Remodel Chicago

    Here are a few of the many projects that we have completed for our customers. Our garage contractors in Chicago provide an extremely professional Chicago garage repair service that includes a detailed consultation, free estimate, expert design, quality materials and installation.

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    Trusted Garage Construction in Chicago

    To build the perfect garage, whether it’s for a parking spot, additional storage, additional living space, or anything else, there is nobody better to handle it than the StanLee garage contractors Chicago. With so many years of experience, we understand what needs to be done for a great garage construction in Chicago. We take care of everything from planning to permits to the garage building. Our garage builders in Chicago will do it all to make it the best possible garage for you. Trust in the expertise of our garage contractors and make StanLee your Chicago garage contractor.

    Garage Builders Chicago Advantages Over Other Garage Remodel Chicago Companies

    If you are looking for garage contractors in Chicago that can turn your garage into something that you need and want, we are the ones that you can always count on. We provide garage remodel and new garage construction services that you may need in your home. Our garage builders provide the highest quality of work at an affordable cost that will not break the bank. With almost two decades of experience, we have gained the proper knowledge and skills to provide you the best service possible. When you decide to hire our garage rehab company in Chicago, you can expect that you will get a smooth service from planning to the final touches. Pick up the phone and give us a call today so that you can get the garage you have always wanted! Count on us!

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there is no cost for any potential clients who request estimates?

    Estimates are free and come with no obligation. At your leisure, please fill out the free estimate form on our website. We are happy to help you by phone or through our website.

    Do I need to get a building permit? If so, from where do I get that permit?

    Yes,  building permits are required for all garage construction in Chicago but do not dismay, we will take care of it. We are completely familiar with procedures and will cover all of the required paperwork, as well as any code compliances and permits. After this point, we can start preparing the area for your garage project, including the demolition work.

    Is it possible to personalize a garage?

    Absolutely! STANLEY Garage Builders work closely with each client, accommodating to your ideas and garage remodeling needs. We maintain contact with the client’s municipal office to ensure that the process moves along appropriately.  We will build you the garage you’ve dreamed of!

    What should I do to my site to prepare it for installation day?

    Before the garage contractor’s arrival and the installation date, once we have fulfilled all of the paperwork requirements, please ensure that the area where your metal barn or your carport will be installed is prepared.  Said area should be accessible and have a flat surface.

    Our team of garage contractors in Chicago is very knowledgeable and experienced. Preparing everything in advance prior to installment ensures increased efficiency by our team when the begin, which in turn provides our clients with a high quality garage at the lowest possible installation price (flooring cost not included).

    Do you only build garages or do you perform other services?

    Aside from garage remodeling and garage building in Chicago, we additionally offer a variety of other services.  We encourage you to call us or visit our website for additional information.  We would be happy to assist you in locating the appropriate contact for all of your needs.

    May I see examples of your previous work?

    Go ahead and check our website Gallery to see pictures of our most recent projects! We are open to any alterations or customizations in order to build your ideal garage!

    Testimonials of Chicago Garage Builders

    • "StanLee’s Garage Builders Chicago were outstanding to work with. They took care of everything and we were always kept in the loop. They gave us the exact garage we were hoping for."

      Jenny S.
    • "When we needed to find new storage space, we turned to StanLee for a garage rehab. They listened to what we wanted and gave us options to achieve our goal. The job was completed quickly and we have a well-organized new space for storage."

      Andry W.
    • "I was very happy with the StanLee Garage Builders Chicago. They took down my dilapidated garage and built a brand new one in its place which included all the features I asked for. Not only were they great professionals but their financing plan made it easy."

      Alex R.
    • Great work guys. My garage remodel at my Chicago home looks amazing. It is exactly how I wanted it. I will definitely use your services again!

      Chad Ranger
    • I called StanLee cause they were recommended by my friend who had his garage turned into the ultimate man cave, and I wanted one, too. They did such an amazing job, and my garage needed rehab from neglect, so this Chicago native was pretty impressed with what they could do with such a trainwreck. It is perfect now.

      Theo Karlson
    • I bought a home without a garage, but after a couple of winters, decided it was time to make the investment. StanLee sent out some very handsome and professional garage contractors to take a look and just that addition alone has added so much value to my Chicago home.

      Addison Lee
    • Well done. I had no idea what was involved in garage construction, especially during a Chicago winter, but you guys did it with gusto, and the finished product is to die for.

      Helen Kale